Welcome to Dameszeilen!


This initiative was started by Jini Ratanam who hoped to bring all kinds of women, from any background together.  A safe place to be supported when sailing, learning and inspiring each other.


Jini is a solo sailor and speaks 7 languages.  This is also one of the reasons this platform does not discriminate on race, gender or skills.  Everyone is welcome to join.


Jini has been working in the sailing industry for 10 years.  Observing and understanding the needs of the clients and instructors in the sailing school helped her to remodel the sailing school when she took over as owner from her employer.  Together with one of the instructors, she was able to put to use what she had learned.  She was able to revamp and built a new foundation for the sailing school to run on.


This has allowed Jini to be able to link the right instructor and client together to attain the most skills and results in their lessons.


Now with the help of the government, Jini has started a programme for women.  Dameszeilen offers women, 2 hours of free sailing (weather permitting). It is a chance for women to learn from each other and share their experiences.


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"I believe women are instinctive nurturers to their family and society.  As such they need a moment to reboot their inner strength, especially after a year of Corona by attending the sailing  programmes and workshops, I have created together with our partners.


The events I organise are as much as possible free.  I want it to be free to help as many women as possible. 


I do not want money to stand in between you and your potential of being better physically and mentally."


- Jini Ratanam

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Easy recipes for Sailing

With all his adventures across the world, he has now written a cookbook with recipes that Jan Leenaars has cooked and come across in his travels.  He believes in good food and easy cooking.  Especially when you are on a sailing boat for sure.  Read his adventures and get to see photos of his voyage across the seas.


Cost of Cookbook exclusive delivery:

Hardcover: €18.50

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