I am a solo sailor and most people cannot believe a girl like me can sail a 31 foot sailing boat all by myself.  I show my clients anything is possible with my sailing programme and it awakens their inner confidence and gives them the tools to stay strong in their own light.  I have the experience and I would not be where I am without those who have helped me along the way.  That is why I love connecting with like-minded people and using my passion and skills to make a difference.



What is it for:

Try sailing or not, just relax and have fun with us.

What I have seen and experienced myself, is that sometimes a woman puts her family and others first. It is the instinctive nurturing feel we have as a woman and putting ourselves on the back burner.  I believe that to be the best version of you, you need time to heal mentally and physically.  I am such a go getter, I forget I even need a moment for myself sometimes.  I am offering this service to you as a moment to enjoy the company of fellow women.  Be present in the moment and realise you are not alone in your journey.  This is a sisterhood of no judgement.  It is a moment for you to be by yourself and be in a safe setting.  Do not be surprised that your smile or just participation in this activities can help someone else.  I am an example of that deed another woman has done for me.



Who is it for:

Helping as many people as we can.

I am a social entrepreneur. I like to share and showcase my ideas and out of the box creativity with others.  Social entrepreneurship is about harnessing commerce for a good cause.  The company VJR Star started on the foundation of addressing a social mission.  I am held accountable to my customers and stakeholders based on the proposed impact.  We are a profit-first business where we donate funds, raise awareness and support causes for women and conservation. 


Walt Disney was quoted in saying "We don't make movies to make money, we make money to make more movies"  Just like Walt Disney, I do not want to make programmes that make money, I want to make money to have more free training programmes/events and help the community.

Art of Sailing:

With the help of mentors and great sailors that I have got to meet and learn from in the sailing community, I was able to go further in my sailing and now be able to solo sail my boat, Gangaa.  I believe there is so much to learn, theoretically and practically from other sailors. Everyone's experiences, and the solutions they used for the obstacles they faced while sailing showed me there is more than one way of doing things.  Some solutions were simple and some were complex.  As a sailor you have to find one that is suitable for you to use.  I can see learning this art of sailing will never end, there will always be a new experience!        


                                                                                                                                                                                            -    Jini Ratanam, Founder